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Your Guide to Masters in Data Analytics in Canada for International Students

Obtaining a Master’s degree in Data Analytics in Canada is nothing short of a dream for numerous international students each year. Data Analytics is a continually popular choice for international students who want to pursue their Master’s in Canada. The course can help international students improve their skill sets and gain in-depth knowledge regarding this dynamic field. Canada provides top-notch courses designed to meet the demands of the data analytics industry. The country is widely popular for education among internal students due to its robust job prospects, diverse environment, and high-quality education system. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about studying Masters in Data Analytics in Canada.

Why should you study Masters in Data Analytics in Canada?

Since the advent of the internet era, data has been generated in massive quantities. More and more organizations through various sectors and industries are beginning to use data analytics to make sense of the available data to drive business decisions. Data analytics plays a crucial role for organizations in making informed, data-driven decisions. As a result, there is a huge global demand for specialists proficient in data analytics. Obtaining a Master’s in Data Analysis can help international students in obtaining the analytical expertise and technical skills required to succeed in this dynamic domain. It can also help international students in showcasing their commitment to the field of data analytics. This can be particularly helpful if you plan to enter the workforce after completing your education.

What are some advantages of studying for a Masters in Data Analytics in Canada?

Here are some benefits of pursuing a Master’s in Data Analytics in Canada:

● High demand for data analytics graduates

 Almost every single organization globally needs skilled data analytics professionals who can help them in making better business decisions to unlock their true potential. Countries like Canada have a great demand for graduates from data analytics courses. Every industry in Canada, such as technology, healthcare, finance, and marketing, among others, offers lucrative job opportunities to data analytics graduates.

● Increasing opportunities for graduates

 The Canadian economy is quite robust. This offers numerous industries in the country the chance to grow. A strong Canadian economy also means more and more job opportunities open up every day for data analytics specialists. Both private as well as public organizations in Canada recruit data analysts each year. The increasing number of jobs for data analysts in Canada helps international students be assured about their future.

● High-quality education

 The country is known for its high-quality education system. Canadian academic institutes are focused on meeting the current industry demands for data analytics professionals and tailoring their curricula accordingly. This helps them in delivering skilled professionals who are equipped with some of the most in-demand skill sets in their industry, which dramatically increases their chances of gaining the employment of their choice easily.

● World-class infrastructure:

Canadian educational institutes are focused on offering their students the best in terms of both infrastructure as well as education. The country has some of the leading research facilities and academic organizations in the industry. International students can avail the best if they wish to work towards the advancement of data analysis post-graduation.

What are the best universities and colleges in Canada that offer a Master’s in Data Analytics program?

Here are some of the best academic organizations in Canada that provide Master’s in Data Analytics courses:

  • The University of New Brunswick provides a Master of Business Administration with Concentration in Management Analytics
  • Trent University offers Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods and a Master of Science in Big Data Analytics
  • Ontario Tech University provides a Master of Engineering in Applied Data Science
  • The University of Ottawa offers a Master of Business Administration with Concentration in Digital Transformation and Analytics.
  • Thompson Rivers University provides a Master of Science in Data Science
  • The University of Victoria offers a Master of Engineering in Applied Data Science
  • The University of Regina offers an MS in Computer Science with a Data Analytics Specialization
  • The University of Windsor provides a Master of Management with Specialization in Business Data Analytics
  • New York Institute of Technology offers a Master of Business Administration in Business Analytics
  • Northeastern University provides a Master of Professional Studies in Analytics

Which job opportunities are available to graduates of Master’s in Data Analytics in Canada?

International students who are studying for a Master’s in Data Analytics in Canada have a lot of different attractive options available to them after they graduate. In addition to these opportunities, international students can easily data related roles pursue in the industries of their choice. Here are some of them:

● Business Intelligence Analyst:

Business intelligence analyst produces dashboards and delivers reports that focus on business performance.

● Data Analyst

Data analysts are tasked with analyzing large datasets to find patterns and trends. They offer insights provided by the data to help the organization make data-driven decisions.

● Business Analyst

 Business analysts explore how the entire business works and identify areas of opportunities where they can improve the operational efficiency of the organization.

● Data Engineer

Data engineers work closely with data scientists and data analysts. They work on maintaining the database and other systems that store and process large amounts of data. 

● Data Scientist

Data scientists are focused on building predictive models using advanced statistical and machine learning algorithms. They are focused on pinpointing trends in the data.

● Data Visualization Specialist

Data visualization specialists make visual data models through tools like Power BI and Tableau. These visuals are used by stakeholders to make decisions.

Which scholarships are available for international students studying for Masters in Data Analytics in Canada?

There are a lot of different scholarship options available in Canada for international students. These may be provided by the government, academic institutes, provinces, or private companies. Here are some scholarships available for international students who want to pursue their Master’s in Data Analytics:

  • The CGS M, or the Canada Graduate Scholarship Masters Program, is provided by the Canadian government to students who are studying a graduate course in the country. If awarded, this scholarship offers financial support for up to a year. Generally, it is given to students who exhibit leadership qualities, research potential, and excellent academic performance.
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is offered by the Canadian government to exceptional students who are pursuing either a doctoral degree or a combined doctoral and master’s degree. This grant offers financial support to the student for a maximum of 3 years. 
  • OGS, or the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, is available to all students who want to obtain their postgraduate degree in the province of Ontario. The award of this scholarship is based on research potential as well as academic merit.
  • Private scholarships are offered by privately held organizations and institutes. The grant of these scholarships is based on particular student demographics, industry focus, or academic excellence.


Studying a Masters program in Data Analytics in Canada can offer international students a lot of different opportunities to thrive in this data-driven era. By studying in some of the top universities, utilizing the available scholarship options, and taking advantage of the robust job market, international students can quickly gain relevant skill sets and knowledge to have a lucrative career in data analytics. With the diverse and inclusive environment of Canada, international students can also engage themselves in a cultural experience. Pursuing a Master’s in Data Analytics in Canada can help you be on an educational journey that not only helps you grow professionally but also enhances your personal development.


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