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How Much Do Business Analysts Earn in Canada?

A Business Analyst is someone who looks at how a company works and uses data to make it better. They help the company be more efficient and successful. How much they get paid can vary depending on where they work, how much experience they have, and other things. If we look at the average business analyst salary in Canada, they earn approximately 95,990 Canadian dollars per year, which is approximately 58.1 lakh Indian rupees.

Business Analysts do a lot of different things. They help manage projects, test things, make sure the quality is good, and support the company’s growth. In Canada, there are a lot of opportunities for business analysts because the country is friendly to businesses and needs more people to work in this field. Canada is also a safe place to live with a high standard of living. If you become a Business Analyst in Canada, you can earn a good salary and have a good balance between work and your personal life.

Understanding the Scope of a Business Analyst in Canada

Business analysts play a crucial role in today’s business world, and their demand is booming in Canada. The country’s strong economy and the presence of many companies have created a high demand for business analysts. Canada is facing a shortage of skilled workers, which means there are not enough people to fill all the job openings. This has made the demand for business analysts even higher, and as a result, their salaries are quite good.

In Canada, the salary range for a business analyst can be between $65,000 and $100,000 per year. That’s a decent amount of money! Industries like finance, healthcare, and technology are doing well in Canada, and they need talented business analysts to help them grow and succeed. You can earn around $40.66 per hour as Business Analyst Salary in Canada which is a pretty good wage.

So, if you’re interested in becoming a business analyst, Canada is a great place to pursue your career. There are plenty of job opportunities, and the salary is quite attractive. It’s an exciting field to be in, and you can contribute to the success of different industries in the country.

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Well Paying Industries for a Business Analyst in Canada

Business analysts are in high demand across various industries in Canada. Let’s take a look at some of the sectors that provide excellent salary prospects for business analysts:

Finance and Banking:

The finance and banking industry highly values the expertise of business analysts. They play a vital role in analyzing financial data, improving processes, and optimizing business operations. With their skills, business analysts contribute to the success and growth of financial institutions, leading to competitive salaries in this sector.


The technology industry is rapidly evolving, and business analysts are crucial in ensuring smooth operations and effective project management. Their ability to bridge the gap between business needs and technology solutions is highly valued. As a result, technology companies offer attractive salaries to business analysts.


In the healthcare industry, business analysts are responsible for improving operational efficiency, analyzing patient data, and implementing effective healthcare systems. Given the importance of data-driven decision-making in healthcare, skilled business analysts are in demand and rewarded with competitive salaries.


Business analysts in the consulting industry work with a diverse range of clients and industries. Their expertise is sought after to provide valuable insights, solve complex business problems, and drive organizational growth. Consulting firms often offer lucrative compensation packages to attract and retain talented business analysts.


The energy sector, encompassing oil, gas, and renewable energy, requires business analysts to optimize processes, analyze market trends, and develop strategies for sustainable growth. Business analysts in this sector benefit from attractive salary packages due to the industry’s critical role in the economy.

Retail and Consumer Goods:

Business analysts in the retail and consumer goods industry analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and sales data to drive business growth. With the ever-changing dynamics of the retail sector, business analysts are valued and rewarded with competitive salaries.


The telecommunications industry relies on business analysts to analyze customer data, improve services, and drive innovation. Business analysts in this sector enjoy good salary prospects due to the industry’s constant need for technological advancements and market expansion.

Government and Public Sector:

Business analysts play a vital role in optimizing government processes, improving service delivery, and implementing efficient policies. Working in the public sector provides stability and often offers competitive salaries to business analysts.

Transportation and Logistics:

The transportation and logistics industry relies on business analysts to optimize supply chain operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Due to the industry’s significance in facilitating trade and commerce, business analysts in this sector are rewarded with competitive salaries.


Business analysts in the manufacturing industry contribute to process optimization, quality control, and cost reduction. Their analytical skills are highly valued in this sector, leading to attractive salary packages.

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Top Cities Offering Lucrative Salary Packages to a Business Analyst in Canada

If you’re a business analyst looking for well-paying cities in Canada, here are some cities that offer attractive salaries for professionals in this field:

Ottawa, ON:

With an average salary of CAD 108,564 per year, Ottawa is known for its high-paying business analyst positions. As the capital city of Canada, it hosts many government organizations and technology companies that provide excellent career opportunities for business analysts.

Calgary, AB:

In Calgary, business analysts earn an average salary of CAD 104,047 per year. The city’s strong presence in the energy sector and its diverse business landscape contribute to competitive compensation for business analysts.

Montréal, QC:

Montréal offers attractive salaries for business analysts, averaging CAD 98,789 per year. The city has a thriving technology industry, including artificial intelligence and video game development, creating numerous opportunities for business analysts.

Vancouver, BC:

With an average salary of CAD 97,541 per year, Vancouver provides excellent career prospects for business analysts. The city’s vibrant economy, particularly in sectors like technology and finance, offers rewarding opportunities in this field.

Toronto, ON:

As one of Canada’s largest cities, Toronto offers a strong job market for business analysts. With an average salary of CAD 96,135 per year, the city provides a wide range of industries and organizations that value the skills and expertise of business analysts.

Mississauga, ON:

Located near Toronto, Mississauga provides business analysts with competitive salaries, averaging CAD 95,731 per year. The city’s diverse economy and proximity to major corporations make it an attractive destination for business analysts.

Markham, ON:

Markham is a rapidly growing city with a strong business community. Business analysts in Markham earn an average salary of CAD 93,739 per year, benefiting from the city’s diverse industry sectors and thriving businesses.

Brampton, ON:

Brampton offers competitive salaries for business analysts, averaging CAD 90,663 per year. The city’s proximity to Toronto and its strong business presence create ample opportunities for professionals in this field.

Winnipeg, MB:

Winnipeg provides a lower cost of living while still offering attractive salaries for business analysts, averaging CAD 85,767 per year. The city’s diverse economy and growing industries provide opportunities for business analysts to thrive.

Salary by Data Analyst Types

Data Analyst:

The average salary for a data analyst in Canada is around $63,858 per year.

Business Intelligence Analyst:

On average, business intelligence analysts in Canada earn around $75,252 per year.

Business Systems Analyst:

The average salary for business systems analysts in Canada is approximately $78,834 per year.

Operations Analyst:

The average salary for operations analysts in Canada is about $60,438 per year.

Reporting Analyst:

On average, reporting analysts in Canada earn around $66,674 per year.

Test Analyst:

The average salary for test analysts in Canada is approximately $85,441 per year.

Quantitative Analyst:

In Canada, quantitative analysts earn an average salary of around $89,829 per year.

The Bottom Line:

The business analyst salary in Canada is determined by location, experience, industry, and type. On average, one can expect 70,000 per year in the field of business analysis in Canada.


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