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Best Ways to Get a Job in Canada from India

More and more Indians prefer going abroad to developed countries in search of better job opportunities. Jobs abroad are one of the most alluring reasons behind moving to Canada. Particularly for Indians, Canada has been like a centre of employment prospects for decades. Each year many Indians relocate to Canada primarily to work in some of the highest-paid jobs throughout the world. The demand for skilled migrants from other countries in Canada has been on the rise lately. Let us look at  easy steps to get a job in Canada from India:

Which documents are needed to apply for a job in Canada from India?

To apply for a job in Canada from India, you will be required to submit some documents. Here are the general documents mandated:

  • An updated resume or portfolio
  • Work visa
  • Identity proof
  • Documents that illustrate your previous employment
  • Passport
  • Payslips as salary proof
  • A cover letter supplementing your job application

Why is Canada the best place to work for Indians?

Canada is a highly preferred country for Indians to work in due to the benefits it provides. Not only can Indians enjoy high standards of living and career benefits in Canada, but they can also thrive in a culturally diverse and tolerant environment. Most jobs in Canada are high-paying, and various attractive career opportunities allow Indians to be at the top of their industries easily.

Here are some reasons why Canada is considered the best place to work for Indians:

● Multicultural

The Canadian community is extremely tolerant of other cultures. The country also has a diverse population made up of different ethnicities. The country does not bias against any specific caste or religion.

● Beneficial for families

Canada offers a lot of social and safety benefits for both individuals and families. The country emphasizes greatly on enhancing the quality of living.

● Economical

Canada offers some of the highest-paying jobs for various industries and sectors globally. The country is also quite economical in terms of costs of living as compared to other nations.

● Tech-Savvy

Tech is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. This means that Canada is currently witnessing a demand for tech workers, and this demand is likely to grow in the upcoming years

● Paid benefits

The country offers some of the best-paid benefits in the continent to its skilled workers. Employers in Canada are known to be friendly and appreciative of their workers and offer them many attractive benefits.

 Why should you consider applying for permanent residency to get a job in Canada?

A permanent residency visa in Canada is consistently regarded as an excellent way to gain employment due to its status. The PR visa offers you similar rights to that enjoyed by Canadian citizens. To apply for a Canadian PR, the applicant doesn’t need to hold a job offer. However, simultaneously conducting the visa process and job search is generally a good idea. To apply for permanent residency through Express Entry, applicants need to score at least 67 points and complete the online visa application procedure.

Once you have obtained the PR visa, you can:

  • Work in any company at any location in Canada
  • Switch jobs, companies, or locations if needed
  • Your spouse can work without needing any extra permit
  • You obtain the right to apply for jobs that are open to Canadians
  • Claim unemployment benefits that are offered under a few schemes
  • Obtain free healthcare
  • Obtain free education
  • Get the right to apply for citizenship when eligible. Generally, PR holders can apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 years.
  • Employers are not required to bear any LMIA costs when they hire PR holders which makes PR holders more attractive candidates.

How to obtain a job in Canada from India?

More and more Indians these days are looking for jobs in Canada to help them in maximizing their potential. However, a job search in any industry, sector, domain, and country can be quite difficult if you do not know where to start.

Here are some tips to help you in obtaining a job in Canada from India:

● Create an ATS-optimized resume:

Even though you may already have a resume, it is advised that you create another one that caters to the Application Tracking System. The ATS, or the Application Tracking System, is used by Canadian employers to filter out resumes that are relevant to a particular job description. It is important to create an ATS-optimized resume to ensure that your CV does not get filtered out by this tool. To make an ATS-optimized resume, it is best to use proper resume formats, and alignment, attach photographs with a profile, and use relevant keywords. 

● Choose appropriate sources to apply for jobs:

The entire procedure of job applications has significantly changed. Candidates who want to succeed need to use a multi-channel strategy to be seen by employers. Apply directly on the website of the company, use social media platforms like LinkedIn, talk to HR consultants, and use Canadian job portals to get better results.

● Apply for a Canada PR visa:

If you hold a PR visa for Canada, your chances of getting a job increase considerably. Employers always look for applicants who have the right to work in the country and do not require any company sponsorship.

How can Canada Express Entry help people looking for a job?

Canada has developed its Express Entry platform in a manner that can easily help applicants in finding employment opportunities. To streamline this job search, Canada Express Entry offers the following unique features:

● Job bank registration

Once you create a profile in Canada Express Entry, you can also create an identical profile with the job bank. The job bank is used by Canadian employers looking for skilled foreign workers. It can be thought of as a recruitment portal that allows employers and candidates to connect easily for vacant roles.

● Employer sponsorship

Canadian employers are permitted to sponsor applicants while they are still in the process of obtaining their visa through Express Entry. An employer sponsorship can be done through a valid job offer. If a Canadian employer shortlists a candidate and offers them a job, the applicant needs to include all the relevant details in their Express Entry. When you add the details of your Canadian employer in Express Entry, it can award you additional points somewhere from 50 to 200 points and promote the general CRS score.

● Provincial nomination

Provinces that require more experienced talent can adjust their visa agendas with Express Entry. This allows them to nominate more applicants for work. The applicants who satisfy the conditions of these provincial nominations obtain an invitation to settle in the province for up to 2 years.

What are the common challenges while looking for a job in Canada?

Here are some of the most common challenges that candidates generally face when they are searching for a job in Canada:

  • An unimpressive resume could lead to rejection
  • If your resume fails to reach the inbox of your recruiter, you may not hear back from them
  • Many attractive job openings get posted and removed daily. Candidates often tend to miss these. 
  • Employers generally use smart interviews to look for candidates to hire. In such interviews, one wrong answer could lead to failure.


Canada is one of the best countries to live and work in. It offers its migrants various prosperous job opportunities to help them settle down and work in Canada easily. The country is one of the most preferred countries for Indians to live in due to its diverse culture, high standard of living, and various benefits offered by the government.

Contact the best Canada visa Consultant for more insights on getting a job in Canada from India.


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